Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Boy in Black and White

Do you remember this post? Back in May, I was amazed by all of Ethan's changes in the span of a little over a week. After the new things I witnessed yesterday, the list of changes from that old post seems like nothing! Here's what our little goober accomplished in one short day:

- Said "banana" to request his favorite food
- Said "hi" to me when I entered his room after nap time
- Waved "bye bye" every single time he was prompted
- Slid down backwards off of the couch instead of nose-diving

Oh, and today he accomplished one more thing... Ethan started to walk. He can WALK! He took three steps in a row tonight. Hurrah!

Ethan is 13 months old, has 16 teeth, weighs 25 pounds, and is 32 inches tall. He can say Dada, Mama, baby, yeah, hi, thank you, nana (or banana, depending on his mood), gege (for doggie), baa (after we ask what sound a sheep makes) and blah (the sound that his dragon toy makes). He crawls at lightning speed, eats as many finger foods as he can get his hands on, and rejects all things baby. He's a big boy now...

... quite possibly the most gorgeous big boy in the world.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've developed a lot of obsessions over the past year. There are baby products that I couldn't live without. There are tools of convenience that make mommyhood, well, more convenient. There are Ethan's chubby little toes and sweet chipmunk cheeks that beg to be squished, pinched, kissed, and tickled.

And then there's the iPhone 3GS. More specifically, the video function of the iPhone 3GS. I was hooked from the moment I pressed the record button. It's sleek. It's accessible. It's easy. I'm obsessed.

It's become a bit unhealthy, I must admit, as I'm starting to view my life in video clips. Instead of simply enjoying the moment, I frequently think, "Gee, I should really grab my phone and take a video of (insert heartwarming or funny baby behavior here)."

Not wanting to be unproductive, I've decided to make use of my newfound obsession by posting some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. To make it a bit more interesting, I've also decided to challenge you to come up with a witty title for the last video clip. Leave your best idea in a comment on this post, and the winner* will be chosen and announced for all to admire. *Note - the "prize" for the "winner" of this "contest" is an ego-boosting dose of pride.

Don't be daunted by the amount of videos below... most are only fifteen to thirty seconds long!

Ethan cozies up with his toys

Learning how to walk

Saying "gege" (E's form of "doggie")

Playing in the park with Dada

Learning how to play fetch

Max doesn't want to share

Grass feels super icky

Contest clip - take your best shot!

Well, what are you waiting for? Name! That! Video!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Birthday So Nice, We Celebrated Twice!

Did you know that 2+2+2 = 1? It's true! When you combine...

~ 2 family visits full of fun

~ 2 yummy birthday cakes

~ and 2 sets of presents to open

You end up with 1 unforgettable experience for a super lucky birthday boy!

Thanks to Pa-Pa, Aunt Mary, Great-Great Aunt Anne, Great-Great Aunt Wanda, Mima, and Poppa (and all other family and friends who were with us in spirit!) for making Ethan's first birthday so memorable!