Roll Call

Sarah is the voice of this blog, which started as a way to update far away family members during her pregnancy with Ethan (who is now in first grade... gasp!)  In her real life, Sarah works with kids with special needs as the Director of Special Education at a performing arts school in the San Francisco Bay Area. She spends her days off having adventures with her kiddos, incorrectly finishing her husband's sentences, and trying to stay awake past 8:30pm.

Ryan is not only Sarah's amazing other half, but he also provides all of the visual snazziness you see here. A professional photographer with his MFA in photography, Ryan's incredible work can be seen on his website. A real adventurous type, Ryan has ridden elephants in Thailand, eaten monkey brains in China, and gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. A former child actor (but don't ask him about this - he ain't talking), Ryan worked in the film industry for years, then decided he much preferred being behind the lens rather than in front of it.

Ethan is the former shining star of this little production, but has since learned how to share the limelight with his brother. He was born at the tail end of July 2008 after thirty-six hours of labor, two failed epidurals, and an emergency C-Section (nope, never gonna let him forget about that one). This easy baby who began sleeping straight through the night at two months old, turned into a toddler that kept us on our toes, and is now a hilarious and curious first grader. He loves music and dancing, can master puzzle-based iPad apps meant for adults, reading books, eating as many snacks as Mom will cough up, and running around wreaking havoc on an otherwise spotless house. Ahem.

Everett is the latest addition to the family. Having learned from the birth experience with Ethan, Sarah *attempted* to plan this kiddo's arrival with a scheduled C-section, but Everett had other ideas. He arrived two weeks early, and had a short stay in the NICU due to some breathing issues. Thankfully, all breathing issues were totally resolved, and we're a now-complete family of four!  Nicknamed "Whatevs" by his Auntie Ingrid, Everett is laid back, silly, and his big brother's #1 fan.