Saturday, November 29, 2014

We're Baaaaaack!

Okay, the last time I posted, Everett was so young that he was bald.


See previous post if you need photographic proof.  That's totally ridiculous, and something clearly needed to be done about it. Hence - resurrected blog!  I really do enjoy writing, and not everything that I want to say can be captured in a quick Facebook update.  As much as I hate to admit it, I refer to this thing frequently... especially when I have to fill out questionnaires for doctors' appointments.  When did your kid start walking?  Um, let me check the blog.  When did he start talking in full sentences?  I'm sure I have a post about that somewhere!  So, bottom line, this serves multiple purposes:  Posterity, sharing stories with other smug mom bloggers (kidding about the smug part!), and making me a better rememberer.  Or combating the fact that I'm a terrible rememberer without some form of documentation.
(Is rememberer even a word???)

What to pick for my re-inaugural post?  I'm so glad you asked!  We've been working on redoing the boys' rooms for some time now.  Ethan had outgrown his jungle theme, and Everett moved into a toddler bed and needed a bit of a refresher.  It's been really fun thinking up ideas with Ryan and creating new projects.  I firmly stand behind the statement that crafting can be just as effective as therapy, and honestly - who couldn't use a little bit of a boost to their mind-body wellness now and then?

Everett's forest theme is still working for him, but just needed a little enhancement.  The open space on the wall that the crib once filled left a huge void, which was just *begging* for something artsy to replace it.  I'm not usually a big fan of kids' names on the walls, but this project kind of evolved in a way that made  me change my tune.  I wanted to use the skin/scales/fur/feathers of forest animals as a pattern for each different letter.  The burlap background was a nod to my friend Stacie's Lil' Brother bunting that dates back to my baby shower, and Ryan came up with the idea to add moss, which inspired me to polish it off with some foliage.  If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times:
Teamwork makes the dream work, baby.

(Click on images to enlarge)

We swapped rugs in the boys' rooms.  Instant refresher, zero dollars!
Isn't this bunting just the cutest?
We use this bear as a chair when reading bedtime stories.  So snuggly!
Details of the cut paper project I made when I was pregnant with Ev.

Gotta love mismatched thrift store frames.  Cheap, and shabby chic!
Ta da!  After hours of painting, it's all done.
Butterfly, raccoon, frog, blue jay, turtle, fox, and deer.  If you were wondering.
The butterfly is my favorite.

In Ethan's room, we completely changed his theme.  Gone are the jungle grasses that our dear friend Vicki helped me painstakingly paint during an ENTIRE SPRING BREAK long, long ago.  It was sad to see it go, but to every thing there is a season.  We went with a space theme for his room this time around.

3 - 2 - 1 - Blast off!
Sleeping under the night "sky"
A messy bookshelf is a well-used bookshelf.  
I love how this room has such a different feel than Everett's.  So vibrant!
That moon is actually a night light that simulates the different phases.  Science!
Ahhh, yes, the well-known North American Zebra.
Friendly alien.
Today:  Tree house.  Tomorrow:  Space station!
And now, I am officially out of projects.  Wonder if I could convince Ryan to let me redo our room...

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