Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas in February

I feel like Christmas was just yesterday.  I'm pretty sure this is because January was a total whirlwind.  Ryan was shooting events out of town for most of the month, which is the. fastest. way. to ensure the longevity of your marriage.  I've had a taste of single parenthood, and it is not for me!  (I did like stretching out across the whole bed at night, though.  And indulging in TV shows that elicit a hearty eyeroll from Ryan.  But that's about it.)  So, in the tradition of being eternally behind in all of my blog posts, I present to you:  Christmas in February.

Went for a little peacock feather flair this year.
Ethan and his friend made a lovely gingerbread house!
Christmas cookie party with Auntie Ingrid and the girls!
Too young to make cookies... but not too young to eat them!
Aunt Mary and her boys.
Present tunnels.
All elves make balloon snowmen.  It's a fact.
Ethan's first time seeing Santa!  He LOVED him!
Everett... not so much.
Santa's guard dog.  Do not open until December 25th... or else.
Cookies for Santa, made by Ethan and Aunt Mary!
"I like how you give me presents."  Cut right to the chase, kid.  
Some assembly required.
Ethan's incredible castle from Aunt Kelly and Uncle Troy!
This pretty much sums up his morning.
Unwrapping his gifts.
Ev's new ride!
Family game night with Aunt Mary and Grandma.
I'm pretty sure Ryan took *actual* photos with an *actual* camera, but all of his trips leave zero time for photo editing.  I'm going to chalk his shots up to archival relics.  Thank goodness for the iPhone!