Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Play ALL DAY LONG

9:00am - Head to Sacramento to visit Candace, Emberly, and Sam

11:00am - Visit the California State Railroad Museum with your best gal and refuse to pose for pictures until your mom bribes you with ice cream look really cute happily posing for pictures.

Fourteen shots and not one of them looking at the camera at the same time...

11:30am -  Try to figure out what the spiral plastic thingy on the end of the weird looking iPhone is.
Why doesn't this thing have a touchscreen?

11:45am -  Check out some super cool model railroad setups.
This one reminds me of the town in the Hidden Valley Ranch commercials.
I want to go to there.

12:30pm - Eat pizza and ice cream, and then go back to Emberly's house to do this:
We owe Candace and Ryan some grass seed.
PS -  Ten points if you realized the song is by Puddle of Mudd.

2:15pm - Change out of muddy clothes, relax on couch and watcWALL•E while baby brother hangs out in a roll-away-proof pod on the floor.
Escape attempts = thwarted!

5:15pm - Go to Fairytale Land for the Chalk it Up event, have a delicious picnic dinner, and watch Emberly cover herself in loads and loads and loads of blue chalk.
If you go home neat and tidy, you didn't have enough fun.

6:30pm - Systematically (and repeatedly!) try out each and every amazing slide that Fairytale Town has to offer.
Sharks and crocodiles... ha!  Where does he come up with this stuff?

10:05pm - Stay up way past your bedtime and fall asleep in the car on the way home, dreaming of next week's fun play date event - going to the Oakland Zoo!

Summer.  Is.  Awesome.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wait... I have a blog?

You wouldn't know it with the way that I've been spacing out my posts lately.  I have SO MUCH to catch up on.  I'll work on that this week.  Given that I'm on vacation, I have absolutely no excuses for neglecting the blog.

In the meantime, enjoy this behind the scenes video of the semi-annual Notch boys portrait photo shoot.  Super awesome images (as well as a few blog posts making up for all that I've missed over the past two months) to follow soon!