Monday, September 9, 2013

Roughing It.

We took the kiddos camping to Big Basin Redwoods State Park over Memorial Day weekend.  Camping with two young boys was certainly an adventure, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the thought of turning around and going home crossed my mind after only two hours in, but it ended up to be a great trip!  One of the things that Ryan and I love the most about living in California is access to all kinds of adventures within an afternoon's drive.  We want the boys to grow up with overflowing buckets of memories about things we did and saw during their childhood.  With the mesmerizing Redwoods in our sights, we set out to add some drops to their buckets.

Dirt, leaves, trails, bugs... the boys were in heaven.
He found a cave!  With no critter inhabitants, thank goodness.
Exploring the moss covered tree trunks.
The path of most resistance is sometimes the most fun.
This way, guys!
Snug as bugs in our awesome HUGE two-room tent from REI.  Good call, Ryan.
Try to keep up with me, Mom. 
Sword?  Wand?  Just really fun to carry a stick around?
Puddle jumping.
The park rangers put on daily nature club shows for the little ones. 
Tigger acting as Ethan's marshmallow wingman.
He waited all DAY for this!
Thanks to the suuuuuper long skewers from Aunt Kelly and Uncle Troy, he could roast his own!
Yep.  They're *that* good.

It wasn't always easy, or comfortable.  There were moments that taught us that we have to live flexibly - such as when I accidentally dumped an entire pot of macaroni noodles onto the ground when I tried to drain the water, or when we woke up to find that our firewood was soaked with the rain that was not supposed to visit us overnight.  It's nice to get little reminders that nothing is supposed to be perfect, no trip will be 100% smooth, and that most things are worth working for.  And if through these experiences we can teach our boys to roll with the punches, they'll have a lifetime of silver linings and hidden gems.

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