Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Mover and a Shaker!

Just a quick post to let everyone know the latest exciting news - Sarah felt the baby move for the first time yesterday! She has been on heightened "flutter alert," and even had a few false alarms, but it is now absolutely unmistakable baby activity! It's very exciting to have intermittent reminders throughout the day that the baby is growing and changing, and though it is still difficult to wrap her head around the miracle of what is happening in her body, it feels a bit more "real" now. Ryan is excited for when he will be able to feel (and see, so we hear!) the baby's movement, once the flutters turn into full-blown kicks!

Thought we'd include a photo from one of Ryan's most recent photo shoots - Sarah is still able to pose for him if the shots are from the waist-up! :)

Mommy Update:
- Counting the days until March 5th, and wondering if she'll be able to sleep the night of the 4th!
- Speaking of sleep, invested in a body pillow to help make the evenings a bit less restless and a lot more comfortable!
- Hopelessly conflicted on the "necessity" of certain baby items, and relying heavily on her mommy friends for guidance!
- Can't help but laugh when Max finds it difficult to curl up in her lap and seems to stare, puzzled, at the bump that's in his way!

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