Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taking it Easy!

We're happy to report that everything is going really well! Sarah has been officially resting for ten days, and is so far only a *little* stir crazy. She's been keeping herself busy with books, movies, and craft projects - the latest of which is making sock monkeys for the baby. She's also spent a lot of time researching baby "stuff" online. For those of you who have asked, we have taken advantage of Sarah's free time to finish our registry, and included a link in the left-hand column of the blog page. What a process... who knew that there were so many baby items out there? We've decided on a monkey theme and a color scheme of baby blue and walnut. Even though we're months away, it seems as though July is fast approaching. There are so many preparations to make before the little man arrives, and we are loving every minute of it!

If we learn anything new at our next doctor's appointment on Monday we'll post another update. We don't expect to get any real news until our 30-week ultrasound on May 13th. We'll probably be given the date of our scheduled C-section shortly after that appointment, which will help everyone who wants to make travel plans!

Mommy Update:
- Always game for any good book or movie recommendations, as she has a ton of time on her hands to fill now!
- Slowly slipping into Ryan's nocturnal schedule since she doesn't need to wake up early, but still far from going to bed at 6am!
- Is lucky to have such a great family and group of friends that are visiting, emailing, calling, and sending goodies her way!
- Will be tackling a knitting project next, hopefully ending up with a hat and booties set for when we bring the baby home!

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