Monday, April 7, 2008

Six Months Down!

We began our seventh month of this adventure with another good report from our doctor's visit today. Our doctor had one other patient with complete placenta previa, but she found out at a recent ultrasound that her condition has resolved and everything has returned to normal! Since that is so rare, it was comforting to hear and it gives us hope of the possibility that we could have the same outcome.

The baby was very active during our six-month photo shoot last night. Ryan could even see him kicking from across the room behind the lens! We're happy that our little man is so strong, and that we get a daily reminder between doctor's appointments that he's doing really well.

*Click on the images if you would like to view them in a larger size*

Since the belly is getting so big now, we took a few extra pictures for fun in addition to our usuals. Here's one of our favorites:

Mommy Update:
- Was happy to have Megan over for dinner and is looking forward to a visit from Nelson, Allison, Ingrid, and MacKay this weekend!
- Was shocked to learn that her uterus is now the size of a soccer ball and that it has completely displaced her stomach.
- Is only mildly uncomfortable now, but is hanging on to her hat as she hears the road will get bumpier in the third trimester.
- Is having trouble thinking of new updates since she spends most of her time on the couch... but sometimes no news is good news!

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