Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cast Your Vote!

Okay, blog readers, this is your opportunity to get in on the action. We are now taking predictions for the baby's name and birth date. Sarah's official due date is July 27th, but the baby will be considered full term on July 5th so he could be born anytime after that date. Technically, he could arrive before July 5th, but we're hoping that he holds out until at least then! Today's high temperature was 103 degrees, so we're also hoping that he'll take into consideration the intensifying summer heat and won't decide to arrive late... Sarah's already uncomfortable enough as it is!

You can submit your predictions by either commenting on this entry or emailing Sarah or Ryan. If you post your guess in a blog comment, be sure to sign your name so that we know for sure who it is coming from. We'll compile everyone's guesses and post them on an upcoming blog. The winners will receive the greatest prize of all - the ability to forever gloat to everyone that YOU were right!

We've had a lot of fun setting up the baby's room and getting ready for our little man's arrival! Bit by bit, the baby's stuff is steadily taking over the house. We now present Exhibits A - I:

Whatever will we do if the little guy doesn't like monkeys?!?

We're still keeping incredibly busy with getting everything moved in, and on top of that Ryan has his Master's degree thesis review coming up soon. He has to have a published book and twenty gallery ready images for his hour-long presentation to the review panel. Think good thoughts for him in the upcoming weeks!

More pictures and news to come soon... in the meantime, cast your vote for baby's name and birth date to make sure your voice is heard!

Mommy Update:
- Found out at her latest doctor's appointment that the baby is definitely not breech... thank goodness!
- Wonders what her waistline's current circumference is, but is too afraid to break out the tape measure.
- Excited about her first childbirth classes next week, and is hoping that there will be plenty of diaper practice for the dads!
- Was asked the other day if she was expecting twins... oh, the humanity!


Anonymous said...

My guess is that he is born july 14th! My name prediction is... Christopher Cole Notch {shrugging shoulders} - Hey! it's hard to guess something like that, ya'll could have at least given a clue or something!

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Ok, sorry to predict late, but my prediction is July 30th :-) and I don't even have a guess at the name. I agree with Christin, way too hard with no clue.

Clue! Clue!

:-) Laurie

Sarah said...

We would LOVE to give a clue, but all of you guys are so smart that we're sure you'd figure it out... and then the months of keeping mum would be for naught. Sorry, Charlies, you're flying solo on this one! :)

Anonymous said...

My guess is that you will deliver baby Owen or Jackson on July 21st, so you just sit tight for a couple of weeks :) Sarah B.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am going to predict that his birthdate is going to be July 4th, but for you Sarah I am going to say hopefully July 27th and not a day later... lol. As for the his name, I am sure that Daddy would love to have a Ryan Notch Jr. (sorry if that is not his offical first name, But you know what I mean.) LOL But I am sure what ever his birthdate and his name he will be a wonderful little guy that will be loved and treasured. Best of luck from OC, VA!!!

Cristy Trainum Pope

Sarah said...

Aww, thanks everyone for the sweet sentiments and great guesses! Can't wait to reveal the big secret!

Anonymous said...

I guess Hefeweissen on October 1st in time for Oktoberfest!


C-Mac said...

I guess July 18th, and I also think Ryan Jr!

Sarah said...

Great minds, Crys, I'm also hoping for July 18th!

Ingrid, I have no words... if you've jinxed me with a 12 month pregnancy, you're in big trouble! :)

Candace said...

July 20 - right on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. And as far as names...I really have no idea but my best guesses are Samuel or Kyle Notch.

Ryan's guesses are July 28 and Michael Notch.

Love and miss you guys!! Congrats on your new place, can't wait to see the pictures!

Emily said...

It is awfully hard to guess the name. In high school I knew Ryan's middle name and for some reason remember it as Christopher. I was going to guess a Ryan II, also, but since other people have guessed that one, I am going to go with a reverse. Christopher Ryan (if Christopher is his middle name...)

And I am going to guess July 19th. Lyla was born on the 19th of March... so what the hey... it's a good number!

Enjoy your last month as much as you can (I know it's so uncomfortable)! As soon as he arrives it'll seem like a distant memory!


Leslie R. said...

HI, OKay if it's not too Late, I guess July, 28th!! And my guess on a name is Tristan Lynn! I have no idea why I think that, maybe it's just b/c I love the name Tristan so much...maybe I'll use it ;)
Love you, Leslie