Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Poll Guesses Revealed!

Over the past two weeks we've collected lots of baby predictions. Thanks to everyone who has participated - this has been fun! Some of you are going with family names (you'll see a trend below), while others are having a grand ole time coming up with something off the wall (such as Luminarium Darjeeling, submitted by Jim). The due date prediction strategy has also varied widely. Most players are guessing one date, others are guessing many. For those of you who have guessed more than one date, we've picked one to post for you. Don't worry - we've logged your other predictions just in case! If you haven't submitted a guess yet, you have up until Sarah goes into labor (again) to do so. Unless the baby arrives before we get to it, we'll update the list and repost if we get more guesses.

Here are the predictions so far:

Baby Boy's Birth Date
July 4th - Cristy P.
July 8th - Gina W.
July 10th - Cindy N.
July 11th - Ines G.
July 14th - Christin L., Sydney J.
July 15th - Stephen G., Wanda R.
July 16th - Java D.
July 17th - Pete E.
July 18th - Sarah N., Crys M.
July 19th - Emily Q., Jen G. & Eric W.
July 20th - Amanda B., Candace H., Angie S.
July 21st - Sarah B.
July 22nd - Cheryl E.
July 23rd - Jim A., Anne R.
July 24th - Linda P.
July 25th - Ryan N.
July 28th - Nancy E., Ryan H.
July 30th - Laurie B., Mary E., Ally W.
August 1st - Patricia P.
October 1st - Ingrid R. (Sarah's least favorite vote... October?!?)

Baby Boy's Name
Christin L. - Christopher Cole
Ines G. - Noah
Amanda B. - Nicholas
Mary E. - Christopher or Ethan
Sarah B. - Owen or Jackson
Cristy P. - Ryan Jr.
Jim A. - Zephre Sun, Forrest Steens, or Caterpillar Jarvis
Stephen G. - Dances with Ryan (Ooh, Jim has competition!)
Ingrid R. - Hefeweissen (Joins Jim & Stephen in the "not likely" club)
Patricia P. - Curtis James
Linda P. - Tyler or Quinn
Crys M. - Ryan Jr.
Anne R. - Ryan William
Emily Q. - Christopher Ryan
Sydney J. - Samir Narong (Sydney's traveling in Thailand right now!)
Gina W. - Ryan Otha
Wanda R. - Christopher Emerson, Stephen William, or James Robert
Nancy E. - Curtis William
Candace H. - Samuel or Kyle
Ryan H. - Michael
Mai C. - Aidan or Adam
Jen G. & Eric W. - Parker Ryan
Java D. - Brandon Joseph, Huxley Joshua, or Ronan Michael
Jessica S. - Alexander, Tyler, Benjamin, or Sam
Leslie R. - Tristan Lynn
Cindy N. - Charles Ryan, Joseph Ryan, Christian Ryan, Michael Ryan, or Ryan James

As promised, here are the latest preggie belly pictures. Months three through nine are featured below. Click on the images to view them in a larger size.

We'll be doing one more of Sarah and baby to complete this set!

Whew... that's the last time Sarah has to squeeze into those jeans!

Mommy Update:
- Wishes Ryan a very Happy Birthday, and is translating the baby's kicks to mean the same!
- Excited and relieved to be full term, though not sure if she's quite ready for the big day.
- Has incredibly swollen feet and hands, as Sarah B. spotted in recent pictures.
- Has packed her hospital bag and will take her final childbirth classes with Ryan this week.

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