Thursday, November 6, 2008

Heads Up!

Remember the post not too long ago where we said that it took Ethan about 20 minutes to roll over? He's made so much progress since then. Not only is he rolling over almost instantly from his back to his belly, we also recently discovered that he can roll back the other way! His routine when we put him down in his crib is as follows:

1) Roll over to his side
2) Insert thumb into mouth
3) Hang out for a few seconds
4) Take thumb out, roll over to belly
5) Reinsert thumb and fall asleep

It's pretty cute.

Ethan has also made a lot of improvements with his head control. Gone are the bobblehead days - this boy is doing a great job of using his neck muscles to hold up his head! Check it out:

He was doing this for about ten minutes yesterday before Ryan picked up the video camera, so he had lots of practice! Ethan is also practicing his laugh, and has tried out several different squeaks and squeals in the last week or so. He cracks himself up, and gets caught off guard by the sounds that come out of his mouth. He's such a funny boy!


Amanda said...

I love those little baby noises that babies make!! baby talk! the video was cute! at the end the poor little guy was tired of holding up his head and had to rest it on his arms! he was think, "man this head is heavy, this is hard work being a baby!"

Jessica said...

Wow! I can't believe how much he has changed! He's so big and strong -- Julia is so lazy compared to him, she has NO interest in rolling over either way! I love the video -- so precious!