Monday, April 20, 2009

To the Beach, Okay?

Can anyone besides Ryan identify that quote? Anyone?

My King Prawn Muppet-adoring husband (Google it, people!) suggested we escape the heat wave by venturing out to Baker Beach on Sunday. For the very first time, Ethan watched the waves crash on the shore, smelled the salty air, and ate the felt the sand between his fingers. He seemed fascinated with the new sights and sounds, and squealed with delight when the water washed over his feet.

The sun, surf, and sand made for one super spectacular day!


onewandering said...

Beautiful Momma, beautiful baby, beautiful pictures... I love catching up with you guys! *HUG* I feel like I'm enjoying the beach with you!

CharlotteManke said...

Love the beach pics. He is so beautiful Sarah :)

CharlotteManke said...

Love the beach pics! Be is beautiful Sarah :)