Thursday, May 10, 2012


- Why are there commercials?
- I wanna ride on a train.
- There's dog hair on the couch.
- My baby isn't looking at me.  I want him to look at me and laugh.
- Mama, can I come with you to the potty?  Do you want privacy?  Maybe you don't.  Um, what happens when you lock the door?
- Can I watch Phineas and some Ferb?
- Why do birds lay eggs?
- Hey, Mom, look at me!  I'm a silly turkey!
- What happens if you push this button?
- Do you like my hat?
- Why?  Why??  Why???
- Max, get back inside!  When I was a doggie, I stayed in the house.
- When I get big like you, then I'll take care of Everett.
- That's a pattern!
- Let's make a Daddy sandwich!  I am the bread, and Daddy's the peanut butter, and Mommy's the other bread... and Everett's the pickle!  
- Are you letting me stay up late?
- Is this a one time book, or a two time book?
- No thank you, but thanks for sharing!
- Mmmmm... this cereal is tasty!  Can I have it for dinner?
- Can I play games on your phone?
- If the sun melts the ice cream, what happens when you take the ice cream into the dark sky?  The moon's not hot, right?
- What's a wishing well?  What's a wish?
- I like buildings and cities.
- Why is there traffic?  Let's take a shortcut.
- Can you take me to school today?
- Why do I have to wear socks?  You don't wear socks.
- What makes steam?
- What's an itch?
- I'm not a lot awesome, but I'm a little awesome. And a little shy.
- Is this a freeway?
- If you don't use a crosswalk, the police officers will come get you.
- What happens if a bird bonks into a tree?
- Animals can't talk, but they can laugh.  They laugh in a different language.  And the cows say "I love you" like this:  "Moooooooo!"
- What does danger mean?
- What's a business trip?
- Mom!  I think there's chocolate in these M&Ms!!!

*I have to credit the lovely and talented Emily for this post.  She wrote all about What Lyla Wants to Know over on her blog, and I totally stole her idea.*  

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Emily Q. said...

I can't believe I'm only just now reading this. "The moon's not hot, right?" is totally my favorite! I can hear Lyla saying something like that to justify getting to eat ice cream at bedtime...