Sunday, November 25, 2012

When I Grow Up: Ethan's Career Options

When I grow up, I want to be a fireman!
My brother apparently wants to be a dog.  And my parents... don't get me started.

Or a doctor.
Have you ever seen someone so happy about healthcare?

A ballroom dancer...
All that's missing is the rose between my teeth.

... or a Broadway dancer.
I've got the moves like Fosse.

I could take over for Santa.
I'd make Everett bribe me for "Nice List" status.

Be the world's nicest T-Rex.
I'm an herbivore, I promise.

Or become a famous baseball player!
I've already perfected my game face.

I hear they're looking for a new Indiana Jones.
Ethiana Jones and the Tunnel of Hay.

I've also considered competitive eater...
I've taken down a whole pizza by myself.  

... race car driver
Caught red-handed behind the wheel.

... bull rider
I'll get comfortable on the back of a statue, then upgrade to the ones that move.

... and being a model for a cough syrup box.
Pathetic?  Yep.  Cute?  You betcha.  The Robitussin will sell like hotcakes.

There's always a red-carpet-walking A-list actor.
I've already got adoring fans.

Or perhaps a Lumberjack.
Psssst... I'm down here!
There I am.

I'm not really sure what the future holds for me.  But you'd better believe that whatever it is, it's gonna be 60-100* awesome.

*Note from Sarah:  Ethan's go-to superlative is 100.  If something is a lot, it's 100.  If it's a whole lot, it's 60-100.  The other day he told me, "Mama, I love you 60-100 always."  I adore that kid. 

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