Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to everyone for sending your congratulations and well wishes! We hope you're having a very happy holiday season, and send our love to all!

We had our second ultrasound today, and were shocked by all of the changes! The baby's arms and legs were moving around, which we didn't see during the last visit! Also, the umbilical cord is now visible, and we could even make out fingers and some emerging facial features! Goodbye blob, hello baby! Unfortunately, the doctor didn't freeze-frame the ultrasound at a good angle, so all of these exciting differences are not visible in our picture. Our next appointment is in four weeks, so we'll wait until then to upload another ultrasound. Ryan will also be shooting the first installment of the belly portraits soon!

Mommy Update:
- Still feeling all typical symptoms and driving Ryan batty with the frequency of Mexican food requests
- Super sniffer spreading holiday cheer as Christmas tree can be smelled from all rooms of the apartment (yay!)
- Happy to be on vacation and able to spend time resting on the couch in comfy PJ pants

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