Friday, January 4, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

Only one week left in our first trimester, an occasion which has been marked by a significant decrease in morning sickness! We're ready for all of the excitement of the second trimester - finding out the gender, feeling the baby move, and getting a REALLY big belly! After a quiet Christmas at home, Ryan surprised Sarah with a New Year's Eve getaway to Las Vegas. It was so much fun, especially considering that it is definitely a trip we won't be taking again for a long time after the baby arrives! Call us crazy (and many of the parents we observed there would), but we feel strongly that little kids and Vegas don't mix!

Mommy Update:
- Favorite new thing: Bella Bands - avoiding those scary maternity jeans for as long as possible!
- Least favorite new thing: The "is she pregnant, or just gaining weight?" phase (For the record: pregnant).
- Still all about the Mexican food, also loving anything with peanut butter or avocado (but not combined)!
- Shocked by how much the little one zaps her energy - walking around Vegas was tiring!

The hottest new show in Vegas? Cheesy 3D movie at M&M's World! :)

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