Monday, January 14, 2008

One Trimester Down, Two to Go!

Lots of exciting baby stuff going on this week! Our next doctor's appointment is on Wednesday, and we had our first prenatal screening today. The ultrasound combined with a blood test will tell us our risk for genetic defects. Unless we come back in a high risk category, it keeps us from having to go through more invasive testing. We should have the results by the end of the week. So far, things look fantastic, but we're anxious to get the full test results before breathing a sigh of relief!

We also took round one of the long-awaited belly portraits last night. We're looking forward to seeing the growth and changes over the next six months... we're amazed by how much has changed already!

Mommy Update:
- Gave in and bought maternity pants, now living in comfort ALL day long and not just when at home in PJs! :)
- Excited that the noticeable baby bump results in sharing our joy with friends, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers!
- Almost completely morning sickness free and feeling much more energetic - happy to be back to *somewhat* normal again!
- Guilty of sending Daddy on his first midnight snack run... but, hey, the baby wanted Twizzlers and juice!

Yep, there's only one in there. We're sure.

Three months pregnant and already spilling out of those jeans! :)

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Jessica said...

I'm so jealous -- I'm 18 weeks along, and no one can tell! I can't wait to start really showing! You look absolutely beautiful!