Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to Lose a Baby in Ten Days

This little bed head baby has been very busy turning into a brand new boy! Blink for longer than a second and the Ethan you saw when you closed your eyes will be totally different when you open them.

We've been absolutely astounded by all of his changes since our last post. His fifth tooth broke through his gums, and he's putting it to good use eating more finger foods and fewer purées.

Within the span of ten days, he has:
~ Learned how to sit up from lying down
~ Mastered super speedy crawling skills
~ Started to pull up to a standing position

To keep up with him, we've had to:
~ Install baby gates
~ Lower his crib mattress
~ Get serious about baby proofing

We're keeping our eyes open and soaking up as much baby as we can... before you know it, we'll have a toddler on our hands!

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Brian B said...

That is when the fun begins and the learning intensifies. Toddler's are very fun (most of the time).