Monday, May 25, 2009

In Trouble...

Ethan's in trouble because he had a poop party today. Upon waking from his nap with a dirty diaper, he decided to live up to his monkey nickname and make a giant smeary mess all over himself and his crib. We didn't take a picture of that. You're welcome.

We're in trouble because in addition to today's little escapades, Ethan has found a lot of new ways to get into mischief. Most of these involve crawling to and playing with off-limits items, such as Max's food bowl, the fan in his bedroom, and the stairs. Yup, he can climb stairs now. We don't have a picture of that either, mainly due to the fact that we are too busy keeping him from falling down the stairs.

Ethan's in trouble, and to show him that mischief making and poop parties are not cool, we've locked him up. He's doing hard time in baby jail (otherwise known as his room) and only we know how to open his cell door (otherwise known as his baby gate). It even has a clear plastic panel in the middle so that he can see what he's missing on the outside. We'll show you who's boss, baby.

Aww, but with a face like that (well, maybe not that last face...), we can't stay mad at him. Which means when he's old enough to really defy us, we're in trouble.


Jen said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Eric laughed out loud when he saw them! I wish he was a photographer! I can't wait to see you guys, and cuddle with Ethan a bit! Less than a month to go!

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

LOL, I think I called that poop smearing thing a few weeks ago.... :-)

Emily & Luke said...

Cracking up! Have fun with the naughtiness. It only gets naughtier.
Lyla is on my lap, pointing at Ethan's picture, saying "Eeh" and nodding. She is onto him.