Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Notch Goes High-Def!

Well, it's not quite high-def, but it's definitely better than our previous images! We had our 4-D ultrasound today and were quite pleased with the results. The baby had his arm in front of half of his face the entire time and was holding on to his foot. He was playing with his toes and having a grand old time - it was really interesting to watch and get a glimpse of his personality!

Here's a quick clip of the baby moving around and yawning:

We received a ton of still images as well. It was hard to choose which one to post! Here's a shot of baby boy's favorite toy - his foot!

More news to come soon!


Emily said...

Wow - your images turned out great! Lyla's were really unclear and she was really uncooperative. I love the video - it's awesome!!


Sarah said...

Thanks, Emily! :)