Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Defying the Odds!

We had our 30-week ultrasound yesterday and received some fantastic news. The placenta previa has completely resolved itself and is no longer a factor in our pregnancy! The odds were so stacked against this happening, only a 3 - 5% chance, that we were quite shocked. In addition to a significant decrease in the risks to Sarah and baby's health, the news also means that we no longer need a C-section. Guess we'll need to sign up for childbirth classes after all!

The baby currently weighs about three and a half pounds, and apparently has a head full of hair already. As with our 20-week ultrasound, we did not get fantastic images, but the one below is our favorite. The perspective is looking up at his face, as he shields his eyes with his hand. You can see his nostrils and little mouth, post yawn.

Since we've been somewhat disappointed with our first baby pictures, we decided to make an appointment for a 4-D ultrasound. We'll be going in on Tuesday and are looking forward to catching a better glimpse of baby boy! We can't wait to *hopefully* get some good pictures that don't need as much explanation. We'll be sure to post them soon after our appointment, so be on the lookout for another blog entry soon!

Mommy Update:
- No C-section? Woo hoo! Wait a minute... natural childbirth? Uh-oh!
- A bit scared, but excited about the labor and delivery experience.
- After ten weeks of bed rest and worry, so relieved that all is well!
- Getting lots of attention from Max... he knows something's up.


Jimmy Emerson said...

Sarah, that is great news.
OK now a little advise from your cousin on the east coast that is a RN, who has a 18 year old, and was present at the Natural Child birth that lasted for about ooh approx. 6cm.

Ryan you will also appreciate this since it will be YOUR fault at one point during the day of delivery.

One word EPIDURAL!!!!!!!!!

Love ya guys
Jimmy E.

Brian Bartholow said...

Congrats! This is very good news. Must feel good.

I highly recommend the Epidural since you are delivering naturally. The pain will crush both you and Ryan otherwise.

:) Enjoy! The best part is coming up.

Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Sarah you must be an excellent patient! Does this mean you are free to go back to work until the end or do you still have to take it easy?

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone, for your excitement and advice! With the end of the school year fast approaching, I will be staying out of work until after the baby is born. The doctor is gradually lifting my activity restrictions, and by the time I am released to full duty there will only be a few days of school left! Best wishes to all as you finish the year! :)