Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lots of Excitement! - Part One

Compared to all of our inactivity over the last two months, the past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! So much has happened, in fact, that we'll be posting a part two to this update in the next few days.

We had some very important guests in town recently. Sarah's sister, Mary, flew in for a visit on Thursday. About a week before her arrival, Sarah's dad and stepmom, Cheryl, decided to fly out for a visit and arrived a day after Mary! It was so great to see them and to have the opportunity to show them how much Sarah has grown. Mary was able to feel a baby kick for the first time, and spent a good part of her visit with one hand glued to Sarah's belly. Luckily for Max, she had a free hand left to give him lots of pets and cuddles!

Just when Sarah thought that things couldn't get any more exciting, she was surprised with an incredible baby shower on Saturday! She was blindfolded and driven to a secret location (which was still very close to the hospital, just in case). While the paparazzi, AKA Ryan, was snapping pictures, Sarah's dad and sister led her up the path to the site.

When the blindfold was removed, Sarah found herself standing in the middle of Castle Rock Park, surrounded by a ton of friends in a beautifully decorated picnic area! It was quite overwhelming, and a lot to take in all at once - she was very surprised and happy to see her friends and loved ones!

Sarah was so wrapped up in processing the experience that she almost missed two VIP surprise guests. Candace and Leslie, two fantastic friends from Los Angeles, were tucked away in the crowd and seeing them brought Sarah to tears. As it turns out, Candace and Leslie have been in cahoots with Ryan and Ingrid since January planning this whole shindig. It has been a few years since we've seen the two of them, so it made the day extra special!

As with any good party, we had a few uninvited guests show up. Shortly after the festivities got underway, our friend Jessica spotted a rattlesnake slithering toward our tables. Thankfully, a ranger was on hand to capture and relocate the snake to a better environment. It was super exciting for everyone, and a crowd of people with cameras soon formed around the reptilian rascal.

Not long after, another rattler was spotted on the trail about ten yards away! Almost as if to round out our critter experience, a few coyotes appeared on the hillside behind us. Luckily for us though, they were not enticed by the wonderful smells coming from our buffet spread, and stayed out of our way. We continued our eating, drinking, and merry making uninterrupted by any more crashers for the duration of the party.

We received some incredible gifts, and are so thankful for everyone's kindness and generosity! The best gift of all was to be able to spend such a wonderful day with people that we care so much about. This is definitely a day that we will remember forever!

Stay tuned for Part Two, which will include updates from our latest doctor's appointments and month seven preggie belly photos!

To be continued...

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