Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Moving!

No, your eyes do not deceive you - we've decided to move in Sarah's ninth month of pregnancy! The lease on our current apartment is up soon and the rent was raised to much more than we are willing to pay. We've been in our one-bedroom, 600 square foot apartment for the past several years, and the increased rent on top of the baby's fast approaching arrival was the push we needed to search for a bigger place. We tackled this task with a bit of sadness, however, as we really love the location of where we live now. Lucky for us, we found the perfect solution! We will be moving into a townhouse that is twice the size and located practically next door to us. We'll have two bedrooms, tons of storage space, and even a backyard complete with a doggie door for Mr. Max! While the timing isn't great considering that Sarah can't lift any boxes, it will be well worth it in the end. We can't wait to get everything set up in our new home, hopefully in time for the arrival of both the baby and the grandparents. We'll post a few pictures once everything is moved in, but for now here's a sneak peak of our new abode:

Our official move-in date is June 7th, and we're simultaneously counting the days and dreading the chaos. With so many benefits to moving, however, we're willing to deal with the madness!

Mommy Update:
- Super excited about the fact that she'll have a washer and dryer now... bye bye, laundromats!
- While getting more uncomfortable as the weeks go on, still enjoys every minute of this experience.
- Is happy to have the doctor's clearance to swim now, especially with the hot days we've been having!
- Can't wait to take advantage of her longer leash and venture out beyond a five mile radius of the hospital.


Katie said...

We moved when I was 8 months pregnant.... in some ways its the best time to move (at least for Sarah).... Sarah doesn't have to lift a finger... and she will be too tired to really boss you around!

Sarah said...

Good point, Katie! Glad to hear that your third trimester move went well, and have our fingers crossed that ours will as well! Poor Ryan, though, I'm never too tired to "voice my preferences" about how I'd like things to be done! He's been such a trooper through all of the emotional highs and lows of this experience - what a great hubby I have!